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South Africa’s Authentic Award Winner!

ECO Wash, established in 2010, was borne from the fact that conventional car washes waste 33 billion litres of potable water per annum, and are therefore simply not sustainable. The world has only 1% drinkable water left, with 7-billion people having to share it!

Eco Wash, in conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch, developed an innovative and efficient car wash technology that offers premium services whilst minimising the use of water, labour, energy and space.

Eco Wash was awarded the prestigious Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Award for Water Conservation in 2012, the best of 300 entries. Our growing ‘footprint’ in South Africa includes over 750 locations – car dealerships, service stations, office parks, golf clubs, panel beaters, shopping malls, private business sites and more.

We also assist companies in the conversion of their current traditional car wash into an environmentally friendly and waterless one. In some instances, we help create ‘Environmental Entrepreneurs’.

What We Stand For

Our mission is to provide equipment and products that clean, protect and extend the life of automotive surfaces while protecting the consumer and the environment and saving water. Our ultimate aim is to make the water-saving, eco-friendly car wash the accepted norm in our society. Just a few years from now, the majority of car washing businesses will be operating this way!
Water is our most precious resource, the foundation of life. Since each of us depends on water for life, we must all make changes in our lifestyles that will ensure the conservation of our life sustaining resource. Saving water now, and keeping it pure and safe, means making water available to future generations.

Living sustainably becomes much more do-able when the solutions make sense and are readily accessible. Most people don’t realise that everyday activities, such as washing your car, can add up to a lot of water waste. Hosting this water-saving car wash is our way of showing the community one example of how a simple lifestyle change can benefit the environment.

We have developed an efficient car wash technology to offer premium services minimizing the use of water and energy, and using biodegradable products which do not harm the environment. Our aim is to grow our national footprint by enabling our customers to save water, energy and money in their existing wash bays; and to assist new car washing entrepreneurs to establish profitable, eco-friendly business operations. To this end we promise to work in close association with all our valued clients and to provide exceptional service.

What We Do

We do not wash cars ourselves – rather we supply the Eco Wash water-saving car wash equipment, product and training to companies or operators running their own car wash operations. We employ a Mobile Dispensing Unit (MDU) useing biodegradable cleansing formulas and microfibre cloths to ensure a high quality car wash.
Our business plans encompass Motor Dealerships, Service Stations and Business Enterprise. We do full assessments at each site based mainly on wash bay functionality, productivity of staff and water usage at dealerships; site location, traffic volumes and profitability prospects at service stations and the same for private individuals and companies planning to wash cars for profit, on-site convenience or for purposes of creating environmental entrepreneurs – empowering individuals to work within a supported, income-generating business model. Based on our experience in the market, we create brand identities and customise individual car washing set-ups for clients in-house, in our Design and Development department
We replenish products and consumables for our contracted clients on a quarterly basis. Our field supervisors around the country visit all clients regularly to ensure that equipment is always in working order and to top up where needed. We’re on call, servicing within 24 hours in and around the major cities and within 48 hours in the countryside and elsewhere.

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