ANDRIETTE Nel and husband David own the R03 Oasis Water franchise at the Oasis Shopping Centre in Blueberry Road, Honeydew.

They’ve added the water-saving Eco Wash to their portfolio and have washers turning out beautifully cleaned cars in the parking areas between Post Office and the Honeydew Fruit Market, a popular stopover for residents of the adjacent Eagle Canyon Estate, Wilgeheuwel and outlying areas of Honeydew.

“With Eco Wash we’re doing our bit for water conservation and it’s complimentary to our Oasis Water Store,” said Andriette.

R03 Oasis is the market leader in Africa for purified water with a franchise network of 205+ stores. They carry a wide choice and selection of refill water, bottled water, dispenser water, 100% ready-to-drink juice, 100% concentrate juice, energy drinks, assorted dried fruit and nuts as well as a collection of ice teas and coffees.

“We invite everyone to come and try our water and juice while having their cars washed. The Eco Wash prices are from R40 for a basic wash&go to R70 for a full house.”

Andriette’s team is operational during normal business hours on weekdays and to 1pm on weekends depending on demand.