SOME of the Pietermarirzburg’s CBD streets have become a car wash of sorts following several weeks of people using fresh water from broken municipal pipes to wash their vehicles.

Shop owners in town, especially those along Pietermaritz, Church and Hoosen Haffejee streets, are fed up with people washing vehicles outside their store fronts, and in some cases also having a bath.

Footage taken by one of the irate shop owners shows several people crouching around a broken water pipe on the road side.

Some use the water to wash their shoes, while others fill buckets and water bottles.

Other footage shows people washing bakkies and taxis, taking water directly from the broken pipe.

A shop owner on Hoosen Haffejee Street, who asked not to be named, said they had been struggling with the issue for several weeks with no resolution in sight.

“For weeks on end people have broken this pipe.

“The water runs day and night without stopping. It’s complete abuse.

“The guys are literally having a bath in that water. It is ridiculous,” said the shop owner.

He said that the matter had been reported to the municipality and that they had fixed the pipe, but it would be broken almost as soon as it had been repaired.

“We are all taught about how to save water. There are posters and banners yet these guys abuse it on a daily basis and this is not being stopped.”