HERE are some interesting facts on the car washing industry in the United States, supplied by

Ownership Profile
The majority of car wash locations in the United States are owned and operated by small to medium sized independent car wash companies, whereas medium to larger sized petroleum companies control the majority of the European market. Yet in both markets, the greatest growth is coming from independent car wash companies and entrepreneurs. The Australian market is closer in profile to North America, with the majority of sites owned by private entrepreneurs.

Retail Activity
More than 2 billion cars are washed each year in North America and nearly 1 billion in Europe. Car wash retail sales are approximately $15B in North America, €5B in Europe and A$1.5B in Australia.

Consumer Trends
In the mature markets of North America and Europe, consumers are increasingly preferring to have their cars washed for them versus doing it themselves. In the United States, the percentage of drivers that report most frequently washing their vehicle at a professional car wash has increased from approximately 47% in 1994 to 72% in 2014.

Supplier Activity
Gross sales of chemicals into the car wash market are nearly $1B annually in North America and €400M in Europe. Gross sales of car wash equipment and parts approach $700M in North America and €350M in Europe.