ECO Wash has launched in Malawi, Southeastern Africa, following a business agreement signed with the Total Group in the Republic.

The partnership will set the trend for others in Malawi to be custodians of water and energy as opposed to being consumers of water only and promises to have far-reaching, positive implications for water conservation and job creation in the country.

Seggie Kistasamy, Managing Director of Total Malawi, commented: “Eco Wash has been highly successful in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa. We are delighted to bring their groundbreaking technology to the people of Malawi and proud to do our bit in the essential and massive task of saving water, our most precious resource.”

He added: “The population of Lilongwe is expected to double in the next 20 years which makes water investment an absolute necessity. Eco Wash will help us to ensure prudent use of our water network and limited water sources.”

Henry Wilkinson, CEO of Eco Wash, said that Total Malawi was the first to introduce the New Generation Eco Wash Mobile Dispending Unit (MK3), a highly sophisticated self-contained car wash unit redesigned for even greater ease of use. “Eco Wash is expanding rapidly into the rest of Africa and our new unit will be first on show at Lilongwe’s Gateway Mall. We are proud to be involved in this project and we look forward to seeing good results and getting feedback from Total’s clients.”

Eco Wash was borne from the fact that traditional car washes waste in the region of 33 billion litres of water per annum. The Eco Wash Mobile Dispensing Unit (MDU) contributes massively to water saving with a solution utilizing green technology and biodegradable washing solutions.

Barry Nel of Eco Wash, who supervised training in Lilongwe and Blantyre, said the launch went well. “The people of Malawi are very friendly ad interested in Eco Wash. In Lilongwe we set up at Total near the busy Gateway Mall, this is quite a big and modern city. In Blantyre we trained a team at the Total in the centre of town.”