ONE of the benefits that comes with installing Eco Wash is that the risk involved with moving vehicles between bays is largely eliminated.

At many conventional washes, cars are washed in a chute or in a wash bay and then moved to a so-called dry bay to be dried off.  Some wash operations even have polish bays.

The beauty of Eco Wash is that cars can be washed, dried and polished in one spot with no movement needed between bays. Your car is attended to where you park it and the risks that come with moving cars from one spot on a premises to another are reduced or eliminated, including damage and denting, even  theft.

Motor dealers across the board use Eco Wash on their showroom floors – often cramped spaces – so that they don’t have to maneuvre their expensive display units in and out or drive cars on and off the floor to their wash bays and back.

It makes so much sense, really.