TOYOTA Dealerships are normally well-sized and impressive. One would expect Intertoy in Brits, Northwest Province, to be perhaps of lesser stature than their city counterparts, but they’ve been around for 30 years and have absolutely no reason to stand aside – this is a proper motor dealership!

For the last several years this well established Toyota landmark in Brits has operated under the Managing Directorship of Francois Rossouw, with Elmarie Booysen as Dealer Principal and an experienced Sales and Service Team behind her.

Intertoy serves the Brits community and surrounding areas, including the mines and have a customer base dating back to their roots of three decades ago. “Like everyone else we were affected by the ramifications of the unrest at Marikana in 2012, but the motor industry is strong and Intertoy is strong so we pulled through and we’re on the up again, business is good,”says Elmarie Booysen, adding that among the several popular Toyota models, sales of the Hilux have been particularly impressive recently.

The Intertoy group is committed to constantly streamlining and improving their business and service and have an environmental vision. “We realise the importance of water conservation, indeed we’ve had incidents of water protests in the area due to shortages and the situation is not likely to improve. Installing Eco Wash was a good move for us, we are saving a lot of water and will soon be able to upgrade to Toyota’s Eco 3 level, something we are proud of,” Elmarie comments.

Between cars to be serviced, showroom vehicles and PDI’s the Intertoy team normally move up to 60 cars a day and more through the wash bay under supervision of wash bay manager Joseph Loalang and his team of 10 certified Eco washers.

Elmarie concludes: “There are any number of farmers in the Brits area and some of their 4x4s arrive heavily soiled with mud and dirt, on occasion we still use high-pressure water sprays to remove excess dirt, but on the whole the water saving is huge and we cope easily. Eco Wash is especially beneficial when it comes to pre-washing of vehicles, we save time and clients get their cars back sooner than they did before.”