ECO Wash has launched a brand-new Mobile Dispensing Unit (MDU Mark 3), to serve clients with improved technology in the New Year.

The first of our new units have been installed in the North West at Hyundai in Lichtenburg, Nissan in Lichtenburg and Hyundai in Vryburg – areas harshly affected by the drought in recent months. New units have also been exported to Total in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The MDU Mark 3, two years in design and development, has a variety of improved features including a sleek, modern look.

Eco Wash CEO Henry Wilkinson commented: “We are proud and delighted to be making our new MDU available to clients. More than ever, Eco Wash is the ultimate water-saving technology for motor dealers, service stations and car washes everywhere.

“We’ve had a very positive response from the market, more and more companies and individuals are realising the value and savings offered by our technology. Eco Wash is a modern, progressive and terrific way of saving millions of litres of water while giving vehicles and quality hand wash and wax. In times like these it’s an absolute no-brainer!”

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