LLD Eco Wash was  launched on 21 May at Telkom Park in Centurion, the concern of entrepreneur Isaac Mahlatji.

Mahlatji (36) is a firm believer in saving water, a principle that led him to this opportunity in a good office park.

Mahlatji tells: “At first customers were hesitant to use our service as they were not familiar with the concept but after some hard work of educating the customers of how the Eco System work, things have changed.

“We are approaching break-even and are determined to break into the profits soon. I like this business, I believe in it, and I am joining the crew full-time,” he said about his three-man washing team.

“LLD Eco Wash wishes to thank Telkom for giving us an opportunity to operate at Telkom Park Centurion, we are doing our utmost best to get our feet on the ground and hope that once we get this current project right then we can roll it out to other corporate companies.

“We are proud to be part of Eco Wash family and we are looking forward for more support from the Team as we grow.”

Look at the excellent standard of their work on the photos at the top of this article!

Isaac Mahlatji can be contacted on 061 451 2561.