NDUMISE “George” Mgoboli and partner Thulani have been operating the Eco Wash offering in Alexandra near Johannesburg for the last three months and one has to admire the time and effort they have invested.

They have put their hearts into the business and are making good progress educating new clients about water saving car washes and support is picking up.

They call it “GT Eco Car Wash Alexandra” and their team of washers dress in black-and-orange team colours to make them easily recognisable.

Ndumise says: “Most of our clients are in Alexandra, so we travel from business to business. People like Eco Wash, they realise we have to save water and they like the shine.”

The GT team can be found in the vicinity of the popular Le Grandiose Restaurant and Bar outside of Alexandra – alternatively, to book a wash you can phone Ndumise on 072 315 9872. The team will be happy to assist you with a superior wash!