WHEN a business cares for society and the environment, you can bet your last rand they will care for your car too!

The Tyre Rack in Parklands Cape Town, installed Eco Wash at their Auto Service Centre recently with the specific aim of saving water in drought-stricken Cape Town – every litre saved means something!

Recently, in the #67 minutes in honour of Madiba promotions, The Tyre Rack did free balancing and Wheel alignment, helping those in need of an extra buck on 18 July.

Owner Chris Hart and manager Paul Clayton are in the business to serve and, like a take-away store for foods, it’s “You Ring We Bring!” Well, bring your vehicle to the Tyre Rack for anything from tyres to shocks, to brakes, and more. They will make you a good deal, every time.

Chris Hart says: “Eco Wash is proving quite popular, we wash clients’ cars on request, on our main floor, and we’re looking to expand the service to a bigger back yard area because the demand is good and the concept is right. We all need to do our bit to save water.”

The Tyre Rack Auto Service Centre is at 13A Parklands Building, Parklands Main Road, and can be reached on (081) 754 5925.